About Us


We will create a viable and vibrant centre for sports, youth and community activities, serving the diverse educational, leisure and cultural needs of residents from local and surrounding neighbourhoods in Saddleworth.


SSYCA seeks to provide high quality leadership and management of leisure and educational activities at the Centre, serving the diverse social and cultural needs of residents in Saddleworth without distinction of age, gender, ability, sexual orientation, race or political, religious or other opinions.


  • To help our young people to grow, develop and succeed
  • To ensure that our shared, holistic vision is achieved through effective and productive management
  • To communicate effectively as a team, building effective and co-operative relationships with participants and key providers of youth and sports activities
  • To work closely with community organisations to enhance our area
  • To increase local participation in sports, cultural and countryside activities
  • To provide opportunities for the care and support of vulnerable young people and adults in our community, giving special attention to their needs


Helen Bishop

Jamie Curley

Jacqui Greenfield

Graham Griffiths (Hon. Sec)

Amy Hamilton

Mark Hilton

Sheree Horn

Melissa McDermott (Bookings)

Jane Pickering (Treasurer)

Marie Price

Mike Rooke (Chair)

Simon Tait