Funky Fitness

Operating Monday-Friday 9.30 – 3.30 p.m.

(Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday based at Satellite Centre)

Funky Fitness and Fun has been established since 2008.  We are a Community Interest Company, running different sessions throughout the week for adults with additional needs.  Currently based at Satellite Centre in Greenfield, we work alongside many other groups, health professionals and care providers.   The aim of our service is to promote independence; work as part of a team whilst promoting mindfulness and awareness of others; increase self-confidence and self-esteem; develop new skills and build on existing ones.  At Funky Fitness and Fun, we believe everybody has something to offer and with the right guidance and support, everyone will have the chance to reach their full potential. 

Our team consists of fitness and dance instructors,  chefs,  holistic therapists practising reiki, reflexology, aromatherapy, Indian head massage and laughter yoga.  All our staff are qualified, trained in first aid, safeguarding and DBS checked.  We also encourage and provide additional training to staff to ensure we can meet the individual needs of members (e.g. epilepsy and diabetes), with confidence and because we believe staff development is essential in maintaining high levels of motivation and loyalty.

During the course of our sessions, we teach members about the importance of adequate nutrition; how to cook healthy meals on a one-to-one basis and how certain foods can benefit specific parts of the body.  We have covered all aspects of fitness with members who aspire to achieve their best in every fun-filled fitness session.  We have taught them about all the different muscles and which exercises work specific ones.  As members have different health needs and abilities, we adapt our sessions accordingly.  We have assisted the rehabilitation of a large number of members following medical operations and procedures by working with health care professionals to aid their recoveries to implement appropriate fitness regimes.  As good nutrition is the key to optimal health, it is important to encourage and enable members to take responsibility for their health and wellbeing in a safe and caring environment.


Experiencing the dignity of work is important for us all; we are very proud of our members who have undertaken supported work experience.  Our aim is to explore funding opportunities so that we can support more members to achieve their goals.

Through our performing arts workshops, we have put together many shows and performed them within the community and at various residential homes.  This provides a vital means of interaction within the community.  Policeman Pete books are favourites of ours and we have dramatized several of them. 

We are currently working closely with a local dementia café, supporting their activities; we work with homeless charities, fundraising and providing essential goods.  

Our members are an inspiration to others and as such we were proud to be associated with a local academy’s Inspiration week; we planned and performed 9 different sessions over the course of a full day in school.  We have plans to further support local schools by delivering workshops to their students.

Supported by various groups in Saddleworth we successfully raised funds to purchase our own Mini-bus – we call her Flo!  A great new addition is Finn, our 7 seater vehicle which is enabling us to facilitate even more great adventures for our members.

Our service is constantly evolving, expanding and developing.  We are now a five day service.   Our activities are many and varied and change seasonally.  To list a few recent activities:

Drama, Musical theatre, Singing, Signalong

Martial Arts, Cricket, Bowling,

Dance Leader training (with Dance Syndrome); Keep-fit/Exercise classes (fully inclusive)

Cookery, Nutrition workshops, Guided meditation, French language lessons

Road Safety – all members recently attended several sessions (theoretical and practical)

Our Thursday group is a small focussed group of Community Researchers; our aim is to produce a directory of amenities accessible to groups like ours and all members of the community.   To date we have visited several parks, museums, theatres, even a dog café. We want to work with the community to make changes where they are needed, working to remove barriers to inclusion wherever we meet them.  

It’s really so hard to tell you all about us in a few words, we are an ever-changing diverse group of people having fun and learning.  Come and meet us, come and join us!

The Satellite Centre