Man Tuesday on Zoom Now

While the Satellite is closed due to the need for social isolation the Man Tuesday sessions are now being held weekly on Zoom from 6.00pm – 7.00pm.

Man Tuesday is a group of men who gather to connect, listen and share their thoughts and feelings. It’s a non-judgemental community where we can be ourselves and openly explore topics such as masculinity, mental health, relationships, wellbeing and life’s challenges.  

To download Zoom beforehand: 

Step 1: Download the free and secure Zoom app to your laptop/PC/smartphone from here:

Step 2: At or shortly before 6pm on meeting day, click on the login link to access the meeting.

Login link:

Step 3: If you’re NOT using a smartphone, select ‘gallery view’ so that you can see each attendee…otherwise, you will just be able to see the person who is talking at the time.  See the Zoom website for further info.

Step 4: During the meeting, it is important that only one person speaks at a time and we allow each other space to talk. It may take us some time to get used to the technology, but we’ll get there!


The Satellite Centre